Strategic Campaign Planning

Every recommendation we make is designed to achieve the goals of your business. Our advertising team specializes in understanding, organizing and capitalizing on market research and demographic targeting to develop effective advertising campaigns for TV, print, radio, and online. Our services include concept and research, brand and identity strategy and website and digital marketing audits.

Advertising Buys and Negotiation Services

Our team has close working relationships with station owners, publishers and sales departments that allow us to negotiate the best possible rates for our clients. Advertising rates are negotiated to ensure that the return on investment is maximized and supported by an earned media strategy.

Advertising Placements

By study­ing mar­ket research and the spe­cific tar­get demo­graphic of each client, we pro­vide adver­tis­ing place­ment ser­vices across all medi­ums and plat­forms that max­i­mizes the reach and fre­quency of each cam­paign.